​Dack’s Shoes - Every Lawyer Ought to Own a Pair (or More)

​Dack’s Shoes - Every Lawyer Ought to Own a Pair (or More)

Lawyers need to look sharp. A lot of care goes into selecting the right suit, shirt and tie to make a statement or just to make a lawyer appear to be on top of his game. Shoes, however, are often a neglected item in a lawyer’s wardrobe, although a man’s shoes are one of the first things one notices when he walks into a room. Sometimes, a lawyer’s shoes are unkempt, worn-out, or just plain cheap looking. Not exactly “Putting one’s best foot forward”, isn’t it? But this well-known idiom takes on a whole new meaning when a lawyer’s feet are wearing Dack’s shoes. A pair of Dack’s will always proclaim a lawyer’s good judgement and taste, in any circumstance.

Dack’s aren’t cheap, but they certainly are the best value there is and will last for years. They aren’t trendy or the latest fad, but Dack’s are always in fashion. It’s better to have one pair of Dack’s than 5 pairs of cheap low-quality shoes.

If there ever was a shoe that every lawyer ought to have, it’s a Dack’s brogue. Take the Robson and Dufferin, for example. Both are Goodyear storm-welted double sole brogues, the Robson being a wing tip with closed lacing, while the Dufferin is an open lacing long wing. These two brogues should definitely be part of any lawyer’s professional attire and will make the man and the suit look their best.

The Robson

The Dufferin