The Ultimate Businessman’s Shoe – Dack’s Black Cap Toe Oxford

The Ultimate Businessman’s Shoe – Dack’s Black Cap Toe Oxford

The black cap toe oxford is a shoe any self-respecting business executive needs to have in his wardrobe. Dack’s Caine in full grain black calf leather is certainly a timeless and classic dress shoe. It is discreetly elegant and just conservative enough to underline a businessman’s confidence, self-assuredness and good taste.

The Caine is a versatile footwear option, whether you are dressed up with formal wear (even a tuxedo) or dressed down in more casual business attire.

The shoe gained its name from its history at Oxford University, where oxfords were a more modern take on the Oxonian half boots that were popular at the university during the nineteenth century. The shoe is characterized by its facing being stitched under the vamp for a “closed lacing” look. The facing’s placement provides a slim silhouette that hugs the foot’s contour. The limited stitching gives it a sleek and sophisticated look that adds to the shoe’s simple, no-nonsense style.

The Caine black cap toe oxford is light, because of its Goodyear welted leather sole and leather heel with its quarter rubber tip. This cap toe shoe will make any business executive look his best.