Do you offer free shipping and returns?

Yes, shipping and returns are free within Canada and continental USA. The free return label is included in the box the shoes are shipped in. Make sure you read our return policyhttp://www.matthewdack.com/return-policy/.

Are your prices in Canadian Dollars?

Yes, all our prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Do you sell your shoes in stores?

We currently only sell our shoes online at our web store. Purchases on our webstore are risk free, shipping and returns are free and easy. The FedEx Ground return label is in the box the shoes shipped in. 

Where can I try on your shoes?

As we do not sell our shoes in stores, you cannot try on our shoes before purchasing. When you receive your order, try on the shoes on a carpeted surface, so as not to scratch the sole. Feet tend to swell in different circumstances and at different times of the day. You should try on your shoes during the midday or late afternoon after you have been on your feet for some time. If the shoes do not fit, you can return them. Shipping and returns are free and easy. See our return policy: http://www.matthewdack.com/return-policy/

What do D, F, G and H widths stand for?

"F" is the standard width of our shoes. It is medium wide and, depending on the conversion chart used, compares to an American D, E or EE width. Our "D" width shoes are considred narrow, while our "G" width shoes are wide.  H is extra-wide. Different styles fit differently. For example, our more contemporary models (i.e. Caine, Cornwall, Kingston and Ronny) are slightly longer and wider, while our Morgan model is a tighter fit. See our size chart: http://www.matthewdack.com/size-chart/ 

Do you offer a shoe repair service?

We can have your shoes resoled for you. Just order a repair from our "SHOP" menu and send us your shoes. When the shoes are repaired, we will ship them back to you. Return shipping is included in the cost of the repair.

Are the shoes made using the same lasts as before?

Our shoes are handcrafted in England using the same lasts used to make Dack's shoes since 1999. Older Canadian-made Dack's were made on a different last, so there is a slight difference in fitting.

What is polished calf leather?

Our polished leather is calf leather that has the natural leather finish revised with a special treatment to provide a final highly polished appearance. It is initially stiffer, so the shoes may require a short period of breaking in when new. Polished leathers are naturally more water and stain resistant, and easier to maintain than full grain calf leathers, however care should still be taken not to saturate the shoes. If the shoes become very wet, make sure to dry them naturally away from any direct source of heat. Use newspaper inside the shoes to draw out water. Clean the shoes with a damp cloth and wipe dry before applying polish. Polish should be applied with a cloth, and buffed off using a soft brush or cloth. Matching coloured polish can be used to cover any scuffs to the welts and heels of the shoes, as well as the uppers themselves. 

What is full grain calf leather?

Our full grain calf leather is the best quality leather, and the strongest and most durable leather. It is a naturally soft and flexible material, and has excellent breathability. Properly looked after, this type of leather will develop an attractive patina with age. Our burnished calf shoes’ appearance is created by applying pressure to the leather to create tonal variance and highlights. The leather itself requires a protective layer of wax to prevent staining and to preserve the leather. A good quality shoe cream will help to keep the leather supple. It is important to clean the shoes before applying polish. Do so with a damp cloth, and then wipe dry. Wax polish should be applied regularly, using a cloth, and buffed to a shine if desired using a soft brush or cloth. By using a darker polish it is possible to darken the shoe to further enhance the natural highlights of burnished leather. If you wish to retain the original colour, use a matching coloured wax polish.