Shoe Care

md-cutting-pattern.jpgWhen people think of shoe care, polishing first comes to mind. However, using shoe trees is the most important thing one can do to maintain a good pair of leather-lined shoes. Wooden shoe trees made of an absorbent wood such as cedar should be inserted into the shoe immediately following every wearing.

The tree will absorb perspiration from the lining of the shoe, keeping it from cracking while helping to reduce the creasing of the upper. Using shoetrees on a daily basis will make shoes look and feel better, reduce odor and increase longevity.

Polishing on a regular basis is also important. Our shoes are made from leathers that do not require special care; any good wax or cream polish will work. Shoes should be wiped clean before polishing. Leather cleaner or conditioner can also be used occasionally to keep the leather flexible. The most important part of leather care is to prevent the leather from losing its natural oils. These oils, which can be replenished by polishing, are the key to leather's flexibility and strength.